Album ‘Gentian’ frames and accentuates the insightful words of Emily Dickinson with instrumental composition and playful improvisation.

Tomoko Ozawa - piano/voice
Milena Jancuric - flute
Juan Antonio Garcia - soprano sax
Rob Taylor - electric/upright bass
Noam Israeli - drum set          

Produced by Vadim Neselovskyi. Released on 01/01/2015


Tomoko Ozawa Quartet


Interactive dance and Music with Motion Sensor “mugic” 

"It's the Angeles Making Coffee in My Kitchen" is an acousmatic piece using samples of dripping coffee from my kitchen..

"From the Ocean" is a live performance of piano and Max using samples of my whistles as granular synthesis and various "bouncing balls". 


Gaia Wilmer Group


Free Improvisation duo with Milena Jancuric