album Gentian (2015)

Album ‘Gentian’ frames and accentuates the insightful words of Emily Dickinson with instrumental composition and playful improvisation.

Tomoko Ozawa - piano/voice
Milena Jancuric - flute
Juan Antonio Garcia - soprano sax
Rob Taylor - electric/upright bass
Noam Israeli - drum set          

Produced by Vadim Neselovskyi. Released on 01/01/2015


Tomoko Ozawa Quartet (2016-)


Piano Quintet No.1 &2 (2019)


Improv dance & Motion Sensor MUGIC (2018)

"It's the Angeles Making Coffee in My Kitchen" is an acousmatic piece using samples of dripping coffee from my kitchen..

"From the Ocean" is a live performance of piano and Max using samples of my whistles as granular synthesis and various "bouncing balls". 


Gaia Wilmer Group (2014)


Free Improvisation duo with Milena Jancuric (2014)